DIY Faux Vintage Pull Down Map.


I have a total crush on vintage pull down maps! I can remember being in grade school & sitting there pulling them down and letting them fly shut. I can still remember the sound + smell they made! 

I would love to own an authentic one, but they are so expensive! So I opted for a cheaper alternative! Make my own faux version! 

I started with these super cute & cheap prints from On Paper, an incredibly cute store I found on a recent trip to Columbus.  They were $5 each & I got a few different ones! LOVE! You can also purchase them on their website!

I glued the edges of the paper to dowel rods I cut to size. 

I used a tab from the back of an old photo frame I don't use to create the faux pull down look. Simply screw it in the center of the dowel rod!

I put nails in each side of the dowel rod & twisted wire around them to hang the map. 
This project was easy & really created a great look!  I'm still holding out for the day I find an authentic vintage pull down map for a steal...but until then, this one creates the look I wanted!   
I loved how it turned out so I decided to make one for Lucy's Nursery!  Oh, and stay tuned tomorrow for a mini home tour of the rest of my living room! 
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